Impact on employment

At EAN 2018, Prof. Gisela Kobelt expanded on previous research with her talk entitled “Cost of illness – impact of fatigue and cognition on employment in EU among MS patients”, which shed further light on the effects of the disease on work productivity. Watch the video interview below to hear Prof. Kobelt briefly discuss her talk, as well as the initial findings.

You can also take a look at the data behind these new insights by reading the publication.2

Cost of Illness

Findings revealed the impact of MS on people living with the disease and its true cost to the individual and society. The investigators found that the effects of the disease start to appear early in MS, affecting multiple sites and worsening with disability progression:1

  • Fatigue and cognitive impairment

  • Work productivity

  • Quality of life

  • Societal costs

The results suggest that people with MS should be treated as early as possible to prevent disability progression, contain costs and maintain QoL.1

HRQoL : Health-Related Quality of Life; QoL : Quality of Life.


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