Healthy habits are important in MS

Like everyone else, people with MS can benefit from a healthy and active lifestyle.1 The materials and videos below have been developed to help your patients make positive changes in their lives, providing guidance and useful tips.

MS and Exercise

These assets give some guidance on exercise and physical activity for people living with MS, including information on how exercise can benefit people living with MS and tips on how to get started for people who may be new to getting active.


MS and Nutrition

These assets give some guidance on diet and healthy eating for people living with MS, such as tips for healthy eating, making meal preparation easier and foods that may help with inflammation.


MS and Emotions

These assets give some guidance on understanding the emotions someone might experience when living with MS and suggests techniques that may help with their emotional wellbeing, such as mindfulness and tips for managing stress.

MS and Family Planning

These assets offer advice on starting or growing a family while living with MS. It includes sections on fertility, sex and relationships, trying for a baby and pregnancy. Another booklet has been developed on this topic for partners of people living with MS.


Understanding MS

Having a better understanding of what MS is can help people to adapt following their diagnosis. These digital assets aim to answer some of the common questions people ask about MS and include useful discussion points to cover when speaking with a doctor or MS team.

Date of preparation: April 2021.